Joy Tanner soda fired pottery

Ridge Bowl

Artist Statement

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Integrating the way I experience the world with the way I design and create functional pottery is essential to my creativity. Whether rinsing garden tomatoes at the kitchen sink, or pausing to study wildflowers along the trail, I believe in taking time to notice the little details of life. I am just as awed by the way a leaf connects to its stem as I am the folds of a mountain range or bursts of clouds at sunset. I always view these things with an eye toward conserving and celebrating the environment that I live in.  My work bears the mark of these values, resulting in uniquely designed pottery that is just as inviting to ponder and touch as it is to use and share.

I make wheel-thrown and hand-built wares for the home, including bowls, cups, plates, pitchers, vases, servers, lidded jars, teapots, and platters. My color palate features earthy reds, deep browns, soft blushes of whites, twilight blues and natural variations of pattern that result from the soda firings.  To pair with these tones of autumn, I add glazes of brilliant amber, warm yellows, shades of golden honey, and watery olive greens to the carved areas. Glazes spread and lightly pool across textured surfaces and highlight the curve of a handle, the lip of a tumbler, or the small peak or divot on a bowl.

While I pay equal attention to form, surface, and detail, my pottery is most celebrated for its elegantly carved or pressed patterns inspired by nature. These patterns accrue a rhythm all their own as they swirl, spiral, and drape across surfaces, suggesting waving grass, ripples in a stream, stalks of wheat, terraced slopes, thistles and pods, or windblown tracks in the sand. Cradling a cup or bowl in their hands, people feel inspired to bring a sense of awareness and ritual into their lives. In the end, I hope that echoes of the natural world in my work invite them to consider the importance of conservation and conscious living.

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